Why Us

You come first

We are the ONLY Company that has an asset recovery for transportation carriers delivering an all-in-one solutions that will build your business. We have brought together the absolute best program to enhance our loyalty to you, which is the centerpiece to a business having a complete customer life cycle that will always grow their business.
We know you want to reach, acquire, develop, retain and inspire your customers and we have you covered. We know how hard it can be to achieve these goals and our team is dedicated to have your money back in your hands. Our business focuses on just this, we know that we can only be experts in one segment of your business and driving new customers while retaining current customers is our expertise.

Professional, Results Oriented Service for Today's Transportation Carriers

For debt collection solutions designed specifically for the transportation industry, more local and OTR trucking companies are choosing Silver Shield Capital. We are the leading financial firm focused solely on assisting transportation carriers in recovering their outstanding accounts receivable and managing their current accounts receivable. We offer the collection solutions today's trucking companies need; contact us today and let us create a customized solution for you.

What we offer

The Silver Shield Capital team understands the process required for a successful discovery of assets. A detailed evaluation and discreet investigation can provide recovery options, should a Silver Shield Capital client decide to move forward with locating and securing the assets.
No one enjoys receiving a bad check or no check at all. Still, everyone acknowledges that it is one of the tasks that comes with being in business. Take advantage of Silver Shield Capital skill and know-how. Every company has its core competencies, and assisting and recovering money that is owe to you is ours. Silver Shield Capital is a financial company, and that's all we do. We work hard to make sure that you receive the money that is owed to you.

Free Consultation

Whether you are a large company or just an individual, we are here to assist. We have bright employees who offer right solutions and this maximizes the value we bring to you, and this is what differentiates us within the industry.

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